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Weight loss journeys are common this time of the year, but not all of them will be successful in the short- and long-term, unfortunately. But with the right knowledge, support, and resources, sustainable weight loss goals are achievable.

The YMCA of Northwest North Carolina’s LifeStyle 360 is a program that motivates and guides its participants in their journey to establish healthy new habits that support sustainable weight loss.

This eight-week program consists of workouts in small groups with Y staff, as well as education about dietary and lifestyle habits that can make measurable differences in the long run.

“When we first started offering this program at a handful of branches, we had the goal of making sure participants walked away with the knowledge and skills to keep making healthy choices,” said Tim Gribble, Senior Director of Community Integrated Health at the YMCA of NWNC. “Fast forward to today, and we’re continuing to teach more people the importance of sustainable weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes.”

One thing that sets LifeStyle 360 apart from other weight loss programs is its sense of community. For Michele Posey, a member of and former employee at the Y, she has enjoyed the community aspect of the program since she joined the very first session at the Robinhood Road Family YMCA.

“The support that not only the trainers and Y staff running the program give you, but the support from your fellow participants made a huge difference,” Posey said.

She added that the knowledge and attention from staff made it feel like the class was tailored to her as an individual, setting her up for sustainable success.

“Trainers adjust the workouts to the needs and fitness levels of the participants. And the recipes and dietary advice you receive in this program are helpful, unlike others I’ve experienced,” Posey said.

“We should all invest in ourselves as a way to show love to not just ourselves, but to those we care about. We are all so busy and think we will find more time to exercise tomorrow, or we’ll make better food choices next time. Tomorrows don’t always come, and being healthier and feeling good about ourselves is one way we can try to be the best possible version of ourselves.”

Sessions for LifeStyle 360 began this week at the Stokes Family YMCA. This program consists of three sessions per week for eight weeks, and each session lasts 45-60 minutes.

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