From left, Fabian Valencia and Maria T. Siemaszko distribute vaccine information, masks, and sanitizer to people outside Friendly House in a file photo.

WORCESTER — The Board of Health Wednesday voted a second time on whether to lift the citywide mask mandate. 

With the affirmative vote of a freshly sworn-in Gary Rosen, the motion to lift the mask mandate, effective 11:59 p.m. Feb. 17, passed 3-2. 

Last week, the vote at the board’s regular meeting passed 3-2 to lift the ban effective Feb. 18, but later in the week it was revealed that Rosen, a former longtime city councilor and School Committee member, had forgotten to take the oath of office that officially seats him on the board. 

With Rosen’s vote removed from the equation, the motion went from passing to failing to carry. 

That prompted the board to schedule another meeting Wednesday to revote on the measure. Rosen was sworn in on Thursday last week. 

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