Why Fans Think Tammy's Appearance Doesn't Match Her Weight Loss Claims

Fans don’t think Tammy Slaton looks like she lost 115 pounds since 1000-lb Sisters. Here’s why Tammy’s appearance doesn’t match her progress.

Tammy Slaton’s weight loss news instilled hope in 1000-lb Sisters viewers that were certain Tammy would never summon the willpower to prioritize her health, but some fans haven’t seen Tammy’s progress reflected in her appearance. Although she struggled to focus on her weight loss ambitions throughout season 3, Chris Combs shared that Tammy claimed to have lost 115 pounds while recovering from a health complication in the hospital. From viewers’ assertions that Tammy looks the same to the time it takes for change to appear, here’s why 1000-lb Sisters fans think Tammy’s appearance doesn’t match her weight loss claims.


Tammy has a history of deceiving her family and followers about the headway she’s making in her weight loss venture. Ever since she and her sister, Amy Slaton-Halterman, decided to take on the harrowing task of losing weight and turning their lives around in 1000-lb Sisters season 1, Tammy has developed a habit of feigning progress. While Amy’s gone on to qualify for bariatric surgery and achieve her long-term goal of starting a family, Tammy’s remained stuck at a standstill. Although Tammy routinely promises that she’s dedicated to losing weight, the reality star has only gained pounds throughout her run in 1000-lb Sisters. Despite her recent progress, fans have argued that Tammy’s appearance doesn’t match her weight loss claims.

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Tammy went to the hospital because she had trouble breathing during the 1000-lb Sisters season 3 finale, but the entertainer’s recovery resulted in Tammy Slaton losing 115 pounds. While this was the first piece of encouraging news for the Slaton family in years, some fans found it difficult to believe Tammy truly had made the fitness headway she asserted she had. One reason why fans think Tammy didn’t lose 115 pounds is that she didn’t look like she had lost over 100 pounds while appearing in a TikTok live. Although Tammy’s critics were quick to use her appearance as proof that she’s lying, others reasoned that Tammy wouldn’t look much different after only just losing 115 pounds. A Reddit user shared that because of Tammy’s size, “It’s gonna be hard to tell if she’s lost weight or not purely on a visual basis for a good while.”

Tammy Slaton in 1000-lb Sisters

While some fans focused on how Tammy’s “still huge,” other 1000-lb Sisters viewers don’t see the reality star’s appearance as evidence that Tammy Slaton’s falling short of her health aspirations. Viewers concluded that Tammy had weighed over 600 pounds, and losing 115 won’t result in an apparent change in her appearance. One commenter noted, “Going from 640 to 520 is a lot of weight, but… I don’t think we’ll notice Tammy’s weight loss until she gets in the 400s.” Unfortunately for her eager supporters, Tammy has more work to do before her weight loss shows. Luckily, some optimistic fans believe they have already noticed an improvement in Tammy’s appearance. A viewer explained, “[Tammy] looks like she lost weight. She’s sitting upright here… she had to lean back before.” Although skeptical fans think Tammy’s appearance doesn’t match her weight loss claims, others are holding out hope for the star.

Tammy might not look like a new woman everyone, but hopeful 1000-lb Sisters fans think it’s too soon for Tammy Slaton to show any physical signs of progress. From her current weight still being over 500 pounds to the subtle improvements in her posture, it’s understandable why some fans think Tammy’s appearance doesn’t match her weight loss claims. Fortunately, Tammy’s looks don’t reflect the fitness headway she’s made since 1000-lb Sisters season 3.

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