Why Fans Are Supporting Tammy After New Weight Loss

1000-lb Sisters viewers make sure to support Tammy Slaton after her recent weight loss by sending her positive affirmations on Instagram.

Tammy Slaton of 1000-lb Sisters is finally making headway in her weight loss journey, and viewers are taking notice. The stubborn TLC star has often found herself in heaps of trouble due to her inability to stick to a healthy lifestyle. However, Tammy is beginning to make progress after a three-season weight loss journey that has brought her nothing but annoyance.

The Kentucky native has often said she wants to live a healthier life at a lower weight, but her actions and lack of accountability often derailed her. Other than losing weight, Tammy is hoping to turn her whole life around in order to qualify for gastric bypass surgery. For the most part, Tammy’s social media followers have lost all hope of her ever achieving her goal. Tammy’s lack of fitness and distractions have all but enveloped the star, who has started to lash out at those closest to her.


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Luckily, it looks like things are starting to slowly turn around for Tammy. After a recent Instagram snap that showed her having lost 150 pounds, viewers are starting to once again feel hopeful for the star. Some loyal followers even took to her comment section to share their excitement. The weight loss comes after a recent episode of 1000-lb Sisters showed Tammy falling into a coma while at the weight-loss facility. TLC viewers sent their love and prayers with one even writing, “You are looking better. Needless to say, supporters are thrilled with Tammy’s latest photos where she looks genuinely happy. Check out Tammy’s post below:

As viewers are aware, Tammy has had a tough few months after she was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment and placed on a ventilator. The star has also had to fight COVID-19 after being left with an oxygen tank to pull around. Tammy tried to get on track but kept self-sabotaging herself. The most recent health scare was caught on the season finale of 1000-lb Sisters as Tammy’s doctors shared their concerns, revealing they didn’t think she would make it through the night.

Now, it looks like Tammy is taking her second chance and running with it. After learning that her lungs were giving up and her body was starting to shut down, the star seemed to be sacred straight. 1000-lb Sisters viewers are more than happy to see Tammy making the choice to live. Hopefully, Queen Tammy will keep going and make season 4 her ultimate comeback.

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Source: Tammy Slaton/Instagram

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