Why a £4,000 eyebrow transplant is the next big thing in beauty

The nineties have a lot to answer for: not least, making over-plucked, pencil-thin eyebrows a thing. Thirty years on, it is mainly midlifers – the teenagers of the eighties and nineties – who are trying to get their brows back to their bushy glory days. It’s a demanding task.

It’s no surprise, then, that thousands of us are booking in every year for brow shapes and tints. That’s at the very minimum. Lots of us are booking in for microblading, too: a treatment that semi-permanently tattoos brow-like hairs on the skin and lasts up to two years. And for the ultimate over-plucker? There are even eyebrow transplants. More on that later.

But whichever treatment is right for you, natural-looking brows are here to stay. “Your brows say a lot about you, and for many of us, we just want a naturally-groomed look,” says Vanita Parti, the founder of Blink Brow Bars. “Tinting immediately gives patchy or slightly greying brows some depth and colour, and a good eyebrow shape with threading or waxing can actually give the illusion of fuller brows,” she explains. While a shape and tint is the bread and butter service at Parti’s popular brow bars, there is a new treatment, “lamination”, which has been hugely popular over the past year. It involves chemically straightening the eyebrow hairs so they lie flat, giving the impression of wider brows.

Although it started out as a Gen Z trend for young twenty-somethings who wanted even more full, fluffy-looking brows (mildly annoying), Parti has found the treatment a surprising success for the over-40s. The reason? It can tame coarse or unruly brows – textures which can develop as we age – and will fix them in place for around six weeks. Not bad for a treatment that costs £55. However, if you feel like you need more of a permanent fix for over-plucked brows, here are two other treatments you can try.


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