Where to buy a beauty returns pallet

WANT to bag yourself thousands of pounds worth of beauty products for a fraction of the cost?

Beauty returns pallets allow you to bulk buy boxes of returned goods to use or resell as you choose. Here we take a look at the basics:


Here we have all the information you need to bag yourself a beauty returns pallet

What is a beauty return pallet?

Return pallets are pallets of returned goods that are resold at hugely discounted prices for anyone to buy.

The products could have been returned for any reason. They could be faulty, the recipient could have been sent the wrong item, or they could just be unwanted.

Pallets can also contain surplus stock and bankrupt stock from businesses.

Often the listings state that the boxes cannot be returned.

Many people buy them with the aim of refurbishing and reselling the used merchandise online.

Las Vegas YouTuber Yessi Waters bagged more than £1,000 worth of beauty goodies returned from Amazon for just £222 from Liquidation.com.

The contents included everything from massagers and hair trimmers, to camping chairs and gun holders.

Wholesalers can list beauty pallets into types such as make-up, nail varnish or beauty products and can hold anything from face packs and shower gel to straighteners and more.

Those who have purchased pallets include British YouTuber Tom Stanniland, who unboxed an Amazon returns parcel with his partner Moon that included a Razor gaming laptop, a Henry Hoover, DKNY perfumes, and more.

Professional eBay sellers Ana and Dan, who run YouTube channel The Baytraders together, bagged an £18 pallet that Ana worked out contained £10,000 worth of goods.

TikTok user Katherine Chalmers took a gamble on a pallet of ex-John Lewis products for £120 and unboxed a PlayStation 5 as well as a dog bed, a mirror, curtain poles, a mug, a bath caddy, a soap dispenser, wool and five bean bags.

Emma Hamilton, from Birmingham, has even turned her pallet buying hobby into a full-time job.

Where to buy beauty return pallets?

There are plenty of websites selling these pallets online organised by category, lot size, brands, retailers, and location.

Categories can include health and beauty, toys, household, clothing, electricals, and more.

They also often display an estimated value and are almost always sold by auction, meaning you need to be quick to grab a bargain.

If you win an auction, you can pay to have the contents shipped to your location or pick them up.

John Lewis, Very, Argos, and Curry’s are just some of the companies that sell off pallets with returned goods.

Amazon partnered with B-Stock in 2018 to launch Amazon Liquidation Auctions, the official b2b marketplace where you can buy overstock merchandise.

As well as major retailers, many websites sell return pallets in bulk, including:

  • MatHill International
  • Gemwholesale.co.uk
  • Wholesaleclearance.co.uk
  • Ebay
  • Discounthouse.co.uk
  • Williamgeorge.com
  • Now-sale.co.uk
  • Hopite.co.uk
  • Bstock.com

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