Joe Biden has been making a lot of noise lately about the dangers of populism. In his first congressional address, he urged Americans to support democracy and not be afraid to express their views. This message is at the core of his foreign policy and domestic message, and he hopes that you will join him in supporting it. But what does this message really mean? What does it mean to support a democratic government?

President Biden has been using his first 100 days in office to build solidarity with other democratic nations. He said he is trying to be like Winston Churchill, who defended his democracy in the face of adversity. His words are a good reminder of the dire times we live in. The trend line in Africa has been alarming for some time, as the continent has increasingly adopted democratic theater, but without holding the government accountable.

As Vice President, Biden is attempting to unite democratic countries and to fight back against authoritarian regimes. His goal is to organize a coalition of democratic governments to contain the rise of authoritarian powers. This idea has resonating with the progressive movement in the U.S., where many Americans are looking for ways to repair democracy. That is what we should be aiming for as President of the United States.

But the summit is in danger of being dead on arrival. For all its professed good intentions, the gathering is coming under intense fire from those who call its very concept naive, preachy, even risky, in part because of its prejudicial, invitation-only format. The White House guest list omits nations like Bolivia and Sierra Leone, while welcoming others like Iraq and Pakistan with far worse track records, opening the administration up to easy criticism that it judged entry based more on U.S. strategic interests than commitment to democratic principles. Critics also suggest the exclusive entry policy smacks of stone throwing from the United States, a country that, in the era of voting right restrictions and Trump Republicans, is very much a glass house.

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