Weightlifting competition being held at Bella Luna Fitness next Saturday

CHILDERSBURG, Ala. – For those looking to prove that their hard work in the gym has paid off, Bella Luna Fitness and Tanning is providing that opportunity next Saturday, Feb. 26.

The main competition is a repetition-max contest where each individual will post their heaviest deadlift (one rep), bench press (one rep), and squat (five reps). The combined weight of the successful lifts will determine the overall winner.

Owner Scott Moncrief said the decision to go with five reps instead of one on the squat portion was due to making the competitors utilize a “strategy factor.”

Moncrief has been wanting to do a competition like this for a while, but the push that he needed came from Bella Luna gym members.

“Coming to the gym is great, it’s wonderful,” said Moncrief. “[Sometimes] you need something outside the box. I got their input, and this is what we came up with.”

The registration fee is $35, and there is a $10 discount for Bella Luna members.

There will be both men’s and women’s divisions as well as three weight classes that competitors can qualify for: lightweight (under 225 lbs.); middleweight (225-275 lbs.); and heavyweight (over 275 lbs.). Not only will the overall winners receive a trophy, but also each individual lift winner will receive a medal.

While the main competition is taking place, there will also be a side contest for anyone ages 10 and up. This will be a pull-up and dip challenge where individuals will combine however many unassisted reps they can do between the two exercises.

The fee for this will be $5 for children and current members of Bella Luna and $10 for non-member adults.

Moncrief also noted that the event is free to the public if they want to come and watch.

“We’re going to shut down the free weight area,” Moncrief said. “Hopefully the weather will be nice. We encourage kids to come because I want to get them involved. I love to see new faces.”

Registration and weigh-ins begin at 9:00 a.m. and go until 10:00 a.m. with the competition set to start at 10:30 a.m. “sharp.”

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