Weight loss success begins with blood work at Cratos Health

Cratos Health believes their program continues to be so successful because it gets down to the core before the program even begins! Steve Apodaca from Cratos Health stuck Nova and Keni to the test… a blood test that is. Nova talks through his lab results with Steve to see why it’s so valuable in the weight loss process for hormone optimization.

Right now Cratos has a special offer for our Loving Living Local viewers.
Call now and get the first month weight loss package for $77 dollars from a regular price of $250. That’s 70% off! You could also get one session of Laser Hair Removal on a small area for $77, which is 50% off of the regular price.

Give Cratos a call now at (719) 487-7777 or head to their website www.cratoshealth.com.

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