Weight-Loss Influencer Lexi Reed Home After Near-Death Crisis

Fitness influencer Lexi Reed, who ended up on a ventilator in the ICU with an undisclosed health crisis, announced on social media Saturday that she is “back home and ready to overcome the next part of this part of my story.”

“Happy to be alive when it wasn’t seeming to be not possible and i was unresponsive in the trauma room,” she wrote on Instagram, thanking her fans for support.

Reed, 31, is best known for losing 312 pounds and chronicling her weight-loss journey on social media.

Earlier this week, her husband, Danny Reed, shocked followers by posting a photo of her in the hospital in a medically induced coma with some details about her medical situation.

“A few weeks ago Lexi kept getting sick and couldn’t keep any food down,” he wrote. “She then started acting differently so I took her to the hospital where they admitted her into ICU, placed on a medically induced comma [sic], on a ventilator, and [told] me that her organs started failing.

“They also told me if i had waited its possible she could have died. She is currently in dialysis, can’t walk, and working on recovery. Sadly we do not have insurance. Thank you all for your prayers they all mean so much to us and this will be a long hard battle part of her story but she is strong!”

Danny, who lost 95 pounds himself, did not say what Lexi’s diagnosis was, and she also did not explain what landed her in the hospital on her own post.

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