Weight-loss and wellness program (Free info meeting about our successful 8 week program)

Anyone want to learn how to stay in fat burning mode? Or how about how to eat to improve your blood lipids or bring down inflammation (joint pain anyone?) Or how about learning how to eat to stabilize blood sugar so you are not reaching for caffeine mid day? Free info zoom meeting on Wednesday Feb. 16th at 6pm PST about our 8 week weight-loss (fat loss!) and wellness program! This 8 week program will include free recipes, free exercise plans, free fitness assessments, lots of support and education. You don’t go hungry on this plan. You learn how to eat to stay in fat burning mode. I did it with running a business and 3 kids so if you are thinking “I’m too busy” I get it… you can do it! Sign up form will be in the comments below! Cost of 8 week program and details about the program will be covered on the free zoom call. Zoom link sent after you sign up.

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