Warren students use paint to spread awareness for heart health

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Various art students from Warren G. Harding High School are using paint to spread awareness for American Heart Month.

“We are doing all kinds of artwork based around hearts, fitness and promoting healthy well-being,” said sophomore Nicolas Fabian.

Fabian is a student in Ms. Melia’s advanced drawing and painting class. He and his classmates are creating heart-inspired paintings.

“So I was trying to find a figure to show healthy heart, you know? To spread awareness about having healthy hearts and healthy organs in general,” said junior Isaiah Feuerwerker.

Feuerwerker came up with the character Dwayne “The Heart” Johnson because he believes it carries a good message about heart health.

“He’s a very good figure to represent that. He has a healthy body and healthy mindset,” Feuerwerker said.

The students say they’re happy they can take part in spreading awareness, especially because heart disease affects many people.

“If you start young and you pay attention to your organs, then you’ll be good later on,” Feuerwerker said.

“These young students are here today to demonstrate the importance of knowledge and understanding what to know about heart disease,” said Missie Herman, director of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Services at Trumbull Regional Medical Center.

Herman said when people drive down Market Street in Warren or walk through the bridge this month, it will serve as another reminder of how important the month of February is.

“February is all about heart health and what we wanna do is bring to light to the community the importance of heart health. It affects everybody — family, friends — so we just wanna make sure you’re doing screening, you’re identifying that heart health is very important,” Herman said.

Trumbull Regional is an accredited chest pain center. It has most resources when it comes to heart health.

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