Walmart Vice President and General Manager of Beauty, Musab Balbale, departs the company 

THE WHAT? Walmart Vice President and General Manager of Beauty, Musab Balbale, has departed the company, according to a report by 

THE DETAILS Balbale has been lauded for bringing independent brands to Walmart, including Bubble, Lottie London and Kim Kimble. 

Having joined the retail giant six years ago, Balbale had a goal of transforming the company from a “depot into a destination.”

THE WHY? Declining to comment on his next move, Balbale confirmed to the publication that we would be continuing in the retail industry.

Balbale said, “I was really fortunate to support the beauty business at Walmart at a moment in time when Walmart was pivoting toward a different future — combining its stores business and online business and accelerating how the company serves customers.
“We had a chance to ask questions differently – where is the customer today, what are the products that interest them, how do we best serve them?”

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