U.S. Government suspends Mexican avocado imports after health official receives threatening text

MEXICO (ABC4) – As of recently, the U.S. government has made a decision to suspend all imports of Mexican avocados “until further notice” as a result of a threat a U.S. plant safety inspector received in Mexico. 

An article published by the Associated Press (AP) disclosed that the ban was confirmed on Feb. 12, just one day before the big game, the greatest sales opportunity of the year for Mexican avocado growers. 

“U.S. health authorities… made the decision after one of their officials, who was carrying out inspections in Uruapan, Michoacán, received a threatening message on his official cellphone,” the department told AP.

The surprise suspension was unveiled the same day that the Mexican avocado growers and packers association announced their ad for the big game. AP pointed out that Mexican exporters have opted out of the pricey ads for almost a decade now. 

The commercial will showcase Julis Caesar along with a group of gladiator fans outside of a Colosseum indulging in guacamole and avocados. 

Fortunately, the ban will not affect Super Bowl Sunday spreads, as those avocados were shipped weeks prior. 

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