Top 5 Best Protein Shakes For Weight Loss from Trusted Brands

If you struggle with weight loss, chances are you have always wanted to try anything you see advertised and reviewed. Perhaps, you might have lived to go to the gym constantly, but changes hardly come. On the other hand, maybe you’re just interested in cutting your caloric consumption.

Whatever situation your weight loss journey puts you in, you might find it essential to invest in a quality, tested, and proven protein shake for weight loss. Protein shakes work differently than anything else you can imagine for losing weight.

They help support a healthy metabolism and lose weight by reducing your appetite. Moreover, protein shakes will also reduce your weight without losing your muscle. Therefore, if you want to lose weight effortlessly without hurting your well-being and general health status, you’re in the right place.

In this article and guide for the best protein shakes for weight loss, we are looking at all the best, and most effective weight loss protein shakes you can buy in 2022.

The Top Five Best Protein Shakes for Weight Loss to Buy In 2022

After doing in-depth research and compressively consulting weight loss professionals and previous users, these are the top five best weight loss protein shakes of 2022.

Xwerks It has no added sugars, contains low carbs, and is keto-friendly.
Onnit It’s best for promoting general health, supporting muscle recovery, and assisting in reaching your protein consumption levels.
Transparent Labs One of the most delicious protein weight loss shakes, hormone-free and made of isolates instead of whey protein concentrate.
Legion Best for muscle buildingHas naturally flavored and sweetened and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.
Crazybulk Perfect for relieving muscle pain, promoting muscle growth, increasing muscle mass, and aiding in nutrient absorption and digestion.


Made in New Zealand, Xwerks is one of the best yet most affordable protein shakes for weight loss you can find in the market. XWERKS provides a considerable amount of 25 grams of protein and six grams of branched-chain amino acids.

With its amino acids, Xwerks protein shake helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolic ability to burn fats quickly. It also increases your muscle mass, and the more muscle mass you have, the more fat you lose. The same also helps you burn extra calories; thus, boosting your weight loss endeavors.

Xwerks also doesn’t contain lactose, fats, and carbohydrates; instead, it contains a low amount of Whey which also increases your body’s ability to quickly lose weight regardless of the number of exercises you do.

Beyond that, Xwerks helps users manage their appetite; thus, making them feel quickly satisfied and fuller every time they eat something. This way, the shake allows you to manage your eating habits and calorie intake. As a result, it helps you manage your metabolism and food consumption; thus, making it easy to lose weight.

Also, with its Whey concentrates, your body can easily absorb Xwerks; thus, boosting its effectiveness, meaning after taking it, you’ll experience its effects sooner than other weight loss protein shakes you take.

  • 25 grams of protein
  • 6+ grams of Branched-chain amino acids {BCAAS}
  • Key Highlights
  • No added sugars.
  • Non- Genetically modified organism {GMO}. Low Carbs.
  • Keto-Friendly.
  • It prevents bloating.
  • It boosts easy digestion.
  • It Contains 100% of isolates of Whey.
  • It Supports muscle recovery and growth.
  • Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $49-%59


    Onnit Whey Protein


    Besides Xwerks, Onnit is the second-best weight loss protein shakes in the market today. It’s a Whey protein that works best as a dietary supplement with a combination of the highest quality dairy sources that help you create an exercise plan to lose weight without hurting your health status quickly.

    The producers claimed that processing Onnit isolates helps preserve all the essential amino acids that better aid your muscle growth and recovery while exercising to lose weight.

    In addition to helping your muscles recover and grow while working out to lose weight, another important factor about Onnit is that it comes from isolates instead of Whey concentrates. Statically, Onnit is an excellent consideration for its undeniable benefits, such as containing a higher concentration of proteins, fewer carbs and fats, and less lactose. Its slight lactose advantage makes it suitable, especially for those looking to lose weight with dairy products intolerance.

    For consumption, each scoop of Onnit gives you about 20 grams of protein per serving which is lower than other protein shakes in the market. However, while it offers a low number of proteins, the advantage is that it comes from healthier cows; thus, providing you with higher quality proteins than other supplements available in most nutrition stores.

    Onnit is also available in varieties of flavors, including Vanilla or Mexican Chocolate offering about 20 grams per serving. It also doesn’t have sugars. When correctly used, Onnit aims at helping your muscles grow, boost your exercise recovery, and give you all the benefits of whey proteins. Lastly, Onnit contains about 110 calories and comes from a reputable company you can always trust.

    However, it’s also important to note that although Onnit offers high-quality protein shake contents your body can process quickly, the protein shake has a single notable downside. The downside is that Onnit isn’t the smoothest protein shaker like others.

    Therefore, blend it for the best texture and consistency to make it smooth. Still, watch out for bloating after taking, though it doesn’t always happen to everyone; plus, it won’t last for long if it does.

    Moreover, if you experience bloating after taking Onnit, next time, lower your dosage and drink it slowly, and the bloating problem will be quickly solved. Also, if you have lactose intolerance, carefully blend Onnit before taking it. The smooth texture helps remove most of the lactose; thus, helping it work better without experiencing any lactose side effects.

  • Grass-Fed isolates of Whey proteins
  • 20 grams of proteins per serving
  • Key Highlights
  • Boost muscle gain
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Improves overall health
  • Aid in reaching maximum protein intake
  • Money Back Guarantee 90 days {Three Months}
    Price $47.9


    Transparent Labs


    This is a Whey protein shake made from grass-fed protein products manufactured in the United States. It’s a great weight loss protein shake that contains protein isolate with a considerable amount of protein–to–weight ratio of about 88%. This ratio range provides about 28 grams of protein in every 32 grams of serving scoop.

    Additionally, transparent -labs is a protein shake from naturally–fed cows, meaning it doesn’t contain synthetic flavors and sweetness. It also doesn’t contain added sugars considering it only has one gram of sugar per scoop.

    At the same time, to help you lose more weight effortlessly, the protein shake contains only one gram of carbohydrates to prevent increasing your energy levels, which can add weight when you take it.

  • Grass-Fed Isolates of Whey
  • 27 grams per serving
  • Key Highlights
  • Gluten-Free
  • 100% Grass-Fed protein shake
  • No added flavors and sweeteners
  • No artificial coloring
  • Money Back Guarantee 90 Days
    Price $59.9


    Legion Whey Isolate Protein Shake


    Founded by one famous and successful fitness trainer, author, and weight loss fanatic Mike Matthews, Legion Whey isolate protein shake is an effective weight loss supplement made from grass-fed sources.

    It’s a powerful weight loss protein shake containing about 120 calories per serving, over 22 grams of total proteins, and about 2 grams of carbohydrates. Legion also contains about 5 grams of branched-chain amino acids and 1.5 grams of fats.

    Additionally, the Legion is also rich in calcium compared to other protein shakes on the market. But, again, as far as micronutrients are concerned, Legion is relatively higher in iron; thus, making it a better option in boosting your blood count, which supports your exercise endurance in working out more to lose weight effortlessly.

    Legion contains cocoa bean powder, xanthan gum, salt, and natural flavors combined with maltodextrin. The combination of Legion Whey Isolate protein shake’s cocoa bean powder and xanthan gum helps reduce weight quickly.

    In addition, once you consume the protein shake, cocoa and xanthan gum elements increase the feeling of fullness. Feeling fuller reduces hunger and slows down the digestion of the food you eat, boosting your weight loss, considering you won’t be eating as often as before.

  • Natural Isolate of Whey Proteins made from milk
  • 22 grams of protein per serving
  • Key Highlights
  • Lactose –free
  • Naturally flavored and sweetened
  • 100% Money Guarantee
  • Non-GMO
  • Best for muscle building
  • Money Back Guarantee 60 Days
    Price $49.9


    Crazybulk-Tri Protein Shake


    Crazybulk is the best protein shake for weight loss; you can mix it with water or milk and enjoy its chocolate flavor while helping you cut weight. It’s also an incredible option for building muscles and relieves post-workout pain. It’s a protein shake supplement formula that offers enormous scoops per serving with about 30 grams per scoop.

    Crazybulk also doesn’t contain artificial flavors and sweeteners but only helps you control your daily intake of calories; thus, helping you focus on burning fats increases your body’s ability to cut weight fast.

    Crazybulk is also made of three protein elements working independently to boost your weight loss journey. The protein shake contains Micellar casein, calcium caseinate, Whey protein concentrates, and whey protein isolates. In addition, it also has whey protein Hydrolysate and DigeZyme. The combination of these elements helps boost your weight loss effortlessly in unique ways.

    For instance, Micellar Casein is beneficial for muscular growth and rehabilitation. This helps slow down digestion, which cuts down your appetite, and uses amino acids to increase your body’s metabolism by cutting more weight in every workout regime you take.

  • Has Micellar casein
  • It contains whey protein concentrates
  • Contains calcium caseinate
  • Contains DigeZyme
  • Key Highlights
  • Boost muscle growth
  • Relieves muscle pain
  • Increases endurance
  • Money-Back Guarantee 60 days
    Price $56


    How We Ranked the Best Protein Shakes for Weight Loss of 2022 and Beyond

    Because all protein shake producers and companies claim to offer the best weight loss protein shakes you couldn’t ever find in the market, our ranking criterion takes an in-depth inspection and research into the essential factors that make a protein shake the best.

    We consider unique factors that differentiate between the best and worst protein shakes available in the market today. We identify, test, and prove high-quality protein shakes before reviewing and recommending them. For example, we follow these considerations to ensure every product we review and recommend is unbiased and worth your investment.

    Since we understand the best protein shake dosage can range from one person to another, we’re also aware that the best recommendation is between 15 grams and sometimes more. As such, our protein shakes dosage starts from 15 grams to 25 grams per protein serving. Again, this range is the best, especially since most clinical trials and recommendations suggest it.

    • Scooping and Serving Size

    In addition to dosage, another important recommending and ranking factor we use is scooping and serving size. Generally, some protein shakes come without proper macro and micronutrients, making it hard for users to determine the best dosage for their needs. To avoid that, we recommend protein shakes with minimal filler ingredients and reasonable scooping and serving sizes to prevent overdose and unpredictable side effects.

    For example, instead of taking about three to four scoops of your protein shake, we recommend taking about one to two scoops and watching for effectiveness and results before deciding whether or not to increase the dosage. Therefore, scooping and serving size help us rank and review our top protein shake recommendations.

    Because protein shakes are available in plenty in the market in vegan and animal-based options, we understand it can be challenging to find and choose the best. As such, we considered relying on reliable and ranking sources while prioritizing high-quality shakes over low–quality ones. We also considered the source reviews from previous customers and the effectiveness of their products.

    • Varying Protein Shake Types

    Like anything else, protein shakes come in varieties of types. Each type offers varying benefits and solutions to different needs, including losing weight. Therefore, our ranking considers different types in terms of composition and quality.

    For example, our whey protein shake isolates differ from their counterparts, especially those containing Micellar casein protein. Similarly, we ranked and reviewed these protein shakes based on how they blend and are easily absorbed in your system for optimal results.

    Therefore, to arrive at the right decisions and recommendations, we tested varieties of protein shakes types, consulted previous users and professionals before listing the top five and best protein shakes for weight loss in the market in 2022 as above.

    • Focusing Health and Wellness Goals and Objectives

    These enlisted protein shakes are formulated with a health and wellness admiration in mind. For instance, some are keto-friendly, others are low in carbs and so forth.

    Still, some boost your weight loss journey by increasing your body’s ability to burn fats. Others help you lose weight fast by cutting your appetite, while others focus on ensuring your calorie intake is reduced. With that in mind, our ranking and reviewing factor here considered the suitable protein shakes with the right ingredients to achieve your wellness and weight loss goals without hassles.

    • Nutritional Balance and Values

    When it comes to nutritional values and balance, we consider macronutrients and micronutrients. For macronutrients balance and values, we considered protein shakes that work as meal replacement shakes with considerable amounts of carbs and calories. We also considered those that are lightweight without sugars and carbs.

    For example, meal replacement contains quality ingredients that focus on cutting weight without affecting your general well-being and health status. They do this by increasing your ability to cut fats and feel fuller and satisfied; thus, reducing your calorie intake. Similarly, we also included ingredients for increasing your exercise endurance, meaning you can easily cut weight by excessive workouts without hurting your muscles significantly since they boost muscle recovery and growth.

    For micronutrients balance and values, we prioritize protein shakes that deliver varieties of micronutrients like minerals and vitamins. We also took those containing micronutrient ingredients absorbed and digested for fast weight loss.

    Since most protein shakes and weight loss supplements work best with complementary ingredients, we also considered added ingredients a ranking factor. Therefore, in addition to their primary ingredients, we prioritize protein shakes with extra ingredients that boost absorption, help recover muscle pain and boost quick weight loss.

    Some added ingredients we looked into include branched-chain amino acids {BCAAs}, probiotics, fiber, and minerals. We also considered those containing digestive enzymes and other elements that cut weight quickly.

    In addition to providing value, we also understand consumers need protein shakes with pleasant tastes and are easy to blend. We, therefore, tested and tried various protein shakes on the market to ensure they meet the standards that customers can easily mix with water or milk. We focused on the easy to mix while avoiding chunky and sickly blends while keeping excellent taste a top priority.

    • Prices, Values, and Overall Cost

    Because we know some consumers might want to lose weight but have tight budgets, we considered prices and overall cost as top priorities to help you find the right protein shake within your budget.

    We, therefore, enlisted the most affordable ones and those that are pricey to let you decide according to your financial ability. At the same time, enjoy the benefits you always want for cutting weight without problems. Without bias, we enlisted prices and aimed for consumers to always find value by consuming the best protein shakes without compromising quality.

    • Flavors and Sweeteners and Natural Ingredients

    Because we know some protein shake makers use artificial sweeteners and flavors, we ensured such is limited among the top ingredients we consider for the best protein shakes for weight loss we rank and review. We also inspected their artificial colors and unnecessary elements.

    • Money-Back and Satisfaction Guarantees

    Since we understand no one protein shake fits all, we know nearly all protein shakes manufacturers have money-back and satisfaction guarantees. Therefore, we preferred protein shakes from companies and sources that stood behind their products and allow you to request a refund when not satisfied, primarily based on your weight loss expectations or depending on the product’s effectiveness.

    • Company or Source Reputation, Track Records, and Transparency

    At some point, we thought it’s vital to ensure the companies producing these protein shakes need to be transparent and have an excellent reputation that makes it easy for you to trust them and their products. We, therefore, make sure the company has been in the protein shake industry for a considerable amount of time and understands their customer’s goals and objectives for using such products.

    We also looked into every company’s transparency, especially responding to their protein shakes based on previous users’ results and reviews. At the same time, we looked into these companies’ records of accomplishment, especially in refining their protein shakes into better products with limited side effects.

    As such, our team considered companies with a proven reputation for honesty and transparency while consistently developing high-quality and effectively working protein shakes for weight loss and other health and wellness endeavors without problems.

    Who Should Embrace Using These Protein Shakes?

    Statistically, many people used to think protein shakes were only meant for bodybuilders, celebrities, and high-profile people, especially in the digital limelight like actors and singers. Today, that perception has changed. Anyone can use these protein shakes with a wellness and fitness goal.

    However, the person also needs to be dedicated and passionate about attaining results that transform their current status to one they have always wanted. It can be losing weight, replacing meals, and recovering from workouts. Whatever your reason for taking protein shakes, they are made for people, including:

    • Anyone interested in losing weight without affecting their general health status and hurting their muscles
    • Anyone looking to develop lean muscle mass and build body physic of their desires
    • Bodybuilders aim at breaking through limits and maximizing their strength gains, primarily through training endurance
    • Anyone desiring to increase immunity and promote overall wellness and health
    • Those with infections that can be controlled by controlling their cravings for certain foods and supplements like diabetic.

    Different Types of Protein Shakes for Weight Loss to Know in 2022

    Usually, as simple as their names suggest, protein shakes can be more confusing than you can imagine. They are available in various types with different goals, lifestyle objectives, and dietary supplements. As such, the most popular versions of protein shake for weight loss to know include the following.

    Whey is the best and most popular among the weight loss protein shakes in the market today. Whey is fast-absorbing and increases muscle growth and recovery. This means when using it for cutting weight, its muscle recovery and growth advantage gives you a chance to exercise excessively to increase your body’s metabolic ability to cut fats without hurting your muscles. You can also buy Whey in versions such as isolates, concentrates, and Hydrolysate.

    Unlike whey proteins, casein is available in milk. It also takes longer to absorb in your body, thus the best for building muscle and supporting fat loss. In addition, you can take it at night to help your body absorb it while asleep.

    These protein shakes remove fat and lactose; thus, boosting your weight loss goals. They are processed through filtration systems that eliminate fats leaving only proteins that help keep your body in shape while working out to cut extra weight.

    Because bodies work differently under exercise, this is an excellent consideration for cutting weight because it’s easily absorbed and digested.

    Final Word

    Since protein shakes are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world, they are excellent options to help you cut weight, build muscles and maintain a body you’ve always desired. They are viable options for maintaining the body of your dreams regardless of your status. In addition, they will help you build lean muscle, reduce and lose weight or support your general exercise endurance.

    This ranking and reviewing of the top five and best weight loss protein shakes of 2022 allow you to find the best protein shakes in the market, anywhere, anytime. Also, regardless of your gender, these protein shakes work for both men and women. And to get started, choose any of the above products by visiting its official website.

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