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1 – ‘Age reversal is dead’: How the pandemic redefined anti-ageing for beauty consumers

The acceleration of wellness and self-care trends during the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the eradication of the beauty consumer’s long-held desire to completely erase the signs of ageing​.

While the pro-ageing or well-ageing skin movement has been gaining traction for a while now, the pandemic well and truly accelerated it, said Harini Sivakumar, CEO of India-based brand Earth Rhythm.

“Over the pandemic, there was more emphasis on mental wellness, self-care, and positivity overall. This has translated to body positivity and inclusivity, which I believe has played a huge role in this. With ageing now completely interlinked with these movements, consumers want to have healthy skin and be able to flaunt their real skin.”

Taking cue from this, Sivakumar said the new generation of brands like Earth Rhythm was no longer putting out anti-ageing products.

2 – How to win over… The informed consumer in India’s booming beauty market

In the debut instalment of our How to win over series, we explore the thriving Indian beauty market to reveal the product development, sourcing, marketing and business strategies for success with expert insights from the biggest brands​, thriving start-ups and e-commerce giants.

The culture of beauty is deeply rooted in India where women were raised on ancient Ayurvedic principles. They believed in the value of everyday kitchen ingredients – coconut oil for sleek and strong hair, turmeric face masks for glowing skin.

These homemade remedies are centuries old, but today beauty in India is in the midst of an evolution.

As Bindu Amrutham, the founder of skin care brand Suganda told us, the market has radically transformed since it was formed in 2017.

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