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LUBBOCK, Texas – Healthcare workers spend their days putting their patients first… which often leads to their own mental health placed on the back burner.

Professionals at Covenant Medical Center are striving to provide resources for their nursing staff, in hopes this will combat the silent pandemic of mental health.

Because of their intensive training and saving lives on a daily basis, many nurses who struggle with mental health naturally try to fix the problem themselves, which doesn’t work the way they hope. 

Shannon Bates, the Chief Nursing Officer for Covenant Children’s Hospital, explained how the workload COVID has brought increases the stress and exhaustion nurses take on. This can make their mental health a much larger concern.

She said, “With the nursing shortage, we’re just seeing… the workload has just increased significantly, and so we have to work to address it when they’re here, as well as when they’re off.”

Daniel Hronek is the Chief Nursing Officer at Covenant, and he explained how this issue is something they can’t run from.

“The reality is, even if it’s not in the company, the problem will exist and be in your home, it’ll be in your church, it’ll be in your friendships,” Hronek said.

Covenant has taken several measures to provide resources to their staff like having programs that allow their staff to speak with counselors, and they are able to go into serenity rooms. 

The serenity rooms provide a quiet place for nurses to relax and reset through different forms of therapy. 

Hronek explained that while they’ve shown progress, the end goal will always be to empower their nurses, and constantly remind them that their mental health is in their control.

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