The One Supplement You Should Be Having Every Morning To Supercharge Weight Loss Over 40

The health benefits of taking B vitamins are well documented–from boosting energy levels to brain function and promoting cell health and cell metabolism. B12, for one, has been associated with promoting weight loss because of its links to metabolism and energy.

The weight loss benefits of vitamin B have been attributed to how it helps our hormones “do their job,” how it helps regulate blood sugar and even the presence of free radicals. The benefits go on and on, health experts advise.

“Vitamin B helps the body metabolize the macronutrient (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) from food consumed and uses them as energy,” health coach and fitness consultant Dr. Nancy Lin tells us. “It also allows the body to use stored fat as energy as well, instead of allowing it to remain dormant.”

As we age, prioritizing our health with a balanced diet and active lifestyle becomes increasingly important in maintaining wellness. If you are focused on getting your B vitamins through diet alone, consider eating foods such as chicken, beef or salmon, or if you’re vegan or vegetarian, consider sunflower seeds, avocado, lentils and leafy greens. If you’re finding it difficult to meet your daily intake, taking a daily supplement can further aid your efforts. There’s one supplement that health experts agree may be beneficial in supporting weight loss: methylated B vitamin complex.

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<h2>Methylated B vitamin complex</h2>
“This vitamin complex will help with digestion, sleep, liver function, energy and mental function,” <a href=””>Dr. Matt Chalmers</a>, health and wellness expert, author and nutrition speaker tells us.

“This will allow a person to move more easily and be more upbeat,” he continues. <em>Who doesn’t want that?</em>

Additionally, “It will also burn more calories and because it helps with digestion the body will absorb more nutrients,” he explains. Truly, a wonder supplement.

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