The Diabetes-Focused podcast 'JUST MY TYPE' launches with professional comedian Dobie Maxwell and influencer Sami Parker!

JUST MY TYPE is a passion project from the management at GLOBAL WELLNESS APPS after their successful launch of THE DIABETES APP back in July of 2020. The Diabetes App is a social community platform where people living with diabetes can come together to connect and share. The CEO, SEAN ZABOROSKI, saw a need for the community and knew a podcast would fill it.

ELIZABETH VARKOVETSKI, the CMO at GLOBAL WELLNESS APPS and visionary producer, says “When we connected Sami and Dobie for the first time, the whole team on the call knew that this was going to be something special. Sami and Dobie are your friendly diabetes neighbors who are excited to tell you their stories and listen to yours.”

Just My Type is now live almost anywhere you stream podcasts. Listen now and learn more at

About Global Wellness Apps Inc. (GWA),

With its Head Office in Toronto, Canada, GWA has an expressed mandate of supporting the diabetes market on a global basis. 

GWA demonstrates its commitment to helping and improving the lives of people living with diabetes through the development and delivery of its three operating divisions:

  • The Diabetes App: a recently launched free-to-use social and informational platform that supports a diabetes community with over 18,000 members
  • Just My Type – Sweet Talking with Sami & Dobie: a podcast that provides humor, insights and information on living life with diabetes
  • DiaStrong Telehealth: a state-of-the-art platform that provides diabetics and pre-diabetics with convenient access to diabetic-focused telehealth professionals across North America

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