Take note of fitness model Viktoria Kay’s tips to an hourglass physique

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In the world of fitness and fashion, model Viktoria Kay has captured everyone’s attention with her eye-catching content. Her stunning hourglass figure has led many people looking up to her for fitness and fashion inspiration. Additionally, she has helped others by sharing her fitness routines and videos of various workout sessions.

Viktoria Kay believes that eating healthy and strategically can really improve the results of a person’s fitness journey. Even

though more detail is required, she came up with these general guidelines for healthy eating habits:

1. Drink plenty of water

We can go three weeks without food, but cannot go more than three days without water. Therefore Viktoria pushes her followers to drink lots of water on a daily basis. She encourages them to start hydrating first thing in the morning.

2. Maintain a colorful diet

Having a colorful diet means including various types of fruits and vegetables. Viktoria Kay states that, “what could be better than these naturally available food items? Being aware of its vital nutrients and vitamin count, we should eat at least a few different fruits daily. Organic is a must as well!”

3. Follow the Medical Medium diet

Viktoria Kay says that while choosing healthy foods, consider doing cleanses from the Medical Medium books. It can aid in

maintaining a healthy lifestyle and also help fight chronic diseases by cutting “bad” foods and adding healing foods.

4. Eat a light and nutritious breakfast

Viktoria Kay’s morning routine is especially important to her. She personally starts off her day by following the Medical Medium protocol. First thing in the morning includes 1L of Lemon Water as well as celery juice. Then followed by a lighter, nutritious breakfast such as a smoothie or fruit by itself.

5. Getting a good night’s sleep

Viktoria Kay believes that, “exercising is important and so is the precise amount of sleep.” Many people often forget to rest and restore their bodies, which also aids in building a toned physique. Viktoria reminds her followers how important sleep can be when trying to create a healthier lifestyle and of course your dream body.

Viktoria Kay is well-known for her gorgeous, natural figure, and is the reason so many people look up to her for fitness advice. She is truly passionate about helping her followers live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Viktoria has a lot of advice to offer between her workout videos and general fitness tips.

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