State's beauty hides ugly politics -- Gail Wilson | Letters to the Editor

I recently moved back to Wisconsin. The lakes and woods are still as beautiful as I remember, but the sky is covered with an oppressive, black cloud of social and political absurdity.

The loud drum beat for Donald Trump makes me sad. It reminds me of a person who looks beautiful from the outside, but whose ugly personality negates that beauty. One political party is so bent on ruining the soul of this state that after they ran out of human lives to ruin, they’ve gone after wolves and sandhill cranes. It’s a constant barrage of negativity and ugly attempts to control others. Please, settle down, work towards the better good and take a long, heartfelt look in the mirror.

I don’t know when human civility will make it’s appearance, but one thing I know for sure is that these new F-35 jets will destroy wildlife in Cherokee Marsh and the serenity it was intended to create.

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By Betty C. Giordano

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