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When Baton Rouge native Treva Brown graduated from the University of New Orleans with a doctoral degree in chemistry in 2017, she never dreamed she’d become a pageant queen, or survive a pandemic when her office at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory closed down at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.

But life’s been like that for Brown.

“As a young Black girl, I never thought I deserved a spot at the table when it came to being an integral part of the scientific community,” Brown said.

A physics teacher persuaded her otherwise.

“She convinced me I had both the aptitude and capabilities to become something I never would have dreamed about. … I would be nowhere without mentors.”

Now living in Slidell and working with Naval Research Laboratory’s Ocean Sciences Division, Brown is an expert in the microorganisms that cause corrosion and degradation on naval ships.

In a similar vein, when military tents were collapsing around the world due to a fungi causing the canvas to deteriorate, Brown was on the case to figure out why.

But she has another strong suit as well: pageant competition.

A means to an end

For Brown, pageants have been a means to an end. As Ms. Black St. Tammany Parish 2018-19, Ms. Black Louisiana Empowerment 2019-20, and Ms. Black Louisiana International Ambassador 2020-21, these platforms became a springboard for Brown’s mission of bringing science to her community.

“It gave me the opportunity to engage in outreach events which promoted science to minority communities,” Brown said. “I suddenly had the opportunity to encourage diversity and inclusion in these upper-echelon scientific fields. Just watching young children become fascinated with science through a couple of mind-blowing experiments let me know I was on the right path.”

A TV show takes note

Brown’s success in her professional field, as well as her prominence on the pageant circuit, were fodder for her social media. And that grabbed the attention of a TV show called “Finding Adventure.”

The show takes accomplished people like Brown out of their comfort zone and broadens their horizons by letting them experience something out of the ordinary.

“We interview each one of our participants to get a handle on their interests, and then devise different experiences for them, which are always a surprise,” show host Kinga Philipps said. “Treva Brown turned out to be a natural on TV. She was funny, had a blast, and although she made it clear to us she didn’t want to get her hands dirty, turned out to be a real trouper.”

Brown’s adventure took her to Equest Farm, a horseback riding school in New Orleans’ City Park, where she learned equestrian prepping. Her subject: a horse named Justice.

“You know I’m a pretty dainty girly-girl who loves to dress in pink, and get my hair and nails done, despite my day job as a physical scientist,” said Brown. “But, the next thing I knew I was brushing this horse, cleaning its hooves, and even picking up poop in the stall. We all laughed our way through it, and I was being a pretty good sport.”

From horseback to waterfront

“Will I do it again? Nope. But, I now know what it entails to get a horse prepped before any equestrian comes along. And, I now know this resource was right in my backyard, if I choose to get on a horse again.”

It’s not unusual for Brown to be on a boat as part of her work as a chemist at the U.S. Naval Research Lab, but being on a boat never included fishing, so the next excursion for Brown would take her to Sweet Catch Excursions, off the beaten path along the West Pearl River and into Lake Borgne.

“The next thing I knew I was scooping catfish out of a net, traveling through the Intercoastal Waterway to the Rigolets where I went crabbing,” Brown said.

“I will say that over the course of the two days that we filmed, I definitely tried things I had never done in my life … and it was fun and different. And, the boating adventure was actually very close to where I live in Slidell, and I had no idea it was there.”

Brown’s episode of “Finding Adventure” airs on Hearst Television’s streaming channel, Your Local, which keeps viewers up to date on local news through the Hearst-owned station in New Orleans, WDSU. In her episode, “Brains and Beauty Getting Dirty,” Brown is described as a work-a-holic “Ph.Diva” who gets out of the lab and off the runway to explore the outdoors.

For Brown, it’s all a journey to entice more kids to become interested in STEM programs.

“If it takes getting out there and being seen to give young girls and boys a role model and someone they can emulate, then my job has been accomplished,” Brown said. “I just want to inspire kids to go for their goals and never stop learning.”

This episode runs Feb. 22, on Your Local network, which can be accessed through Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Appstore or Google Play.

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