Scarlett Johansson and her beauty routine

When he’s around, he goes through grueling sessions of make-up that end up drying out your skin, so to make it look resplendent, the make-up artist relies on the luxury cosmetic brand, ‘La Mer’.

He mixes the moisturizer ‘La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream’ with a few drops of oil from the same brand, ‘Renewal Oil’.

Both products have a moisturizing complex called ‘Miracle Broth’ that softens and smoothes the skin.

Another product applied by the makeup artist in Scarjois the eye contour cream ‘The Inkey List’, a product that thanks to caffeine youIt has anti-inflammatory action, reduces the puffiness of bags and attenuates dark circles.

Her skin is combination to sensitive, so her routine is based on the use of many moisturizers.

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This beauty routine gives to Scarlett Johansson renewing hydration for a balanced glow and that your skin naturally active looking, and hers being combination to sensitive skin, the products she always uses They seek to smooth expression lines and promote collagen production.

Scarlett has confessed that she never goes to bed without removing her makeup and that after a 16-hour day working under the spotlight, she uses the ‘Eve Lom’ cleanser along with a hot towel on her face.

He also commented that once a week he puts on an organic purifying mask and the ‘Hydraquech’ cream from ‘Clarins’: another of the Scarlett’s favorite beauty products.

The powerful red lips of Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson learned from her makeup artists how to use concealer to draw the outside of the lip and then apply color, that his favorite is redspecifically the shade ‘Devil’ from ‘Dolce & Gabbana: Classic Cream Lipstick’.


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She loves wearing super feminine, deep red lipsticks.

but maybe the best Scarlett Johansson’s beauty secret it’s her self-assurance and how humble she is.

This girl demonstrates in her interviews an outpouring of sympathy without neglecting the strength of her character, emphasizing that the most important thing for her is her art and not her physique.

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