Chileans have passed a law allowing same-sex marriage and the president has signed the bill into law. A year later, the French parliament will vote on a similar bill. In Germany, the same-sex marriage law was passed by the German parliament in May 2013. According to the newspaper Bild, the president of that country will sign the bill on 26 April. Previously, the same-sex marriage law was prohibited.

The Chilean Congress passed the same-sex marriage law on Tuesday. After years of legal battles, the legislation will finally become official, which could help the country’s fragile economy. The passage of same-sex marriage will also help the country in the coming elections. Meanwhile, in the United States, same-sex marriage is illegal in many states. This article outlines the legal and social implications of the same-sex marriage law in Chile.

The same-sex marriage law in Chile has been a long-running battle. It was first introduced in 2012 but has been delayed several times. The Chilean government’s position on same-sex marriage has changed over the years. Now, the country’s government is considering the change, which could pave the way for more equality in the country. While the country’s politics have shifted, gay marriage is still allowed.

Both houses of Chile’s congress have voted to approve a marriage equality bill that also includes authorization for adoptions by same-sex couples

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