Rihanna Fenty Skin Beauty Review For All Skin Types
Since its inception, Fenty Skin has amassed fans in influencers, skin experts and beauty editors alike. But as well as the highs, we’re all familiar with the lows of celebrity beauty lines and, since dropping, Fenty Skin has gained as much criticism as it has praise. Though the products appear in #shelfies all over Instagram, skincare obsessives have pointed out Fenty’s use of fragrances and astringents like witch hazel, both of which are known to cause irritation in some people. Rihanna took to YouTube to address these concerns, explaining: “We never use more than 1% of a synthetic fragrance, and if we do, we don’t hide it. You will always know about it.” She also shared on Twitter that she has super sensitive skin herself and kept that at the top of her list when creating the line.

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