Rebel Wilson's 77-pound weight loss: what's her goal?

There’s a twist to Rebel Wilson‘s weight loss. While the Aussie actress continues to drop weight and has now shed 77 pounds, she’s actually long surpassed her goal weight. 2020 marked the 41-year-old kicking off her “year of health,” something she’s continued well into 2022, but it was somewhere between the two dates that Rebel’s scale showed the number she wanted to see.

What’s Rebel Wilson’s Goal Weight

Rebel actually hit her goal weight in 2021. The Olly wellness partner reached 165 pounds in the summer of last year, although media outlets are still bursting at the seams as Wilson continues to document her whittled-down silhouette. Rebel, who shed the weight via mindful eating and old-fashioned outdoor walks, has been showing off her slim waist in swimwear on Instagram, but it’s on Live that she’s been getting honest, even revealing she’s turned to chocolate in times of stress.

The motivation is all there, though. In 2021, Rebel wrote: “Rather than step on the scale, look at yourself in the mirror and be like dammmm girrrrrl …you’re smart and talented and accomplished and perfect just the way you are.”


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Rebel, who has already shown off her swimsuit body in 2022 as she delights her Instagram followers, had gotten candid about maintaining the loss. Last year, she spoke to Today, revealing:

“I think I’m a little bit shocked, because I was worried. I think everybody who’s struggled with their weight has at times (felt like that) … I’ve managed to maintain that for almost a year. It’s just all those lifestyle habits changing.”

Promising she wasn’t trying, Rebel added it was  “just that the lifestyle habits that I did last year have kind of become ingrained.”

Over on social media, fans are largely supportive of Rebel’s transformation, although a storm did brew up recently as a “thigh gap” comment brought drama – here, users lashed out at a fan complimenting Wilson on her “thigh gap” as she posed in swimwear. Rebel did not address the drama. For more, give her account a follow.

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