Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 37 Kilos in 14 Months, Reversed Diabetes And Depression

Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: After years of negligence, Mugdha Pradhan tapped into the field of functional medicine when her own health began to deteriorate. Weighing 97 kgs, she knew that she had to do something about her size. Mugdha then decided to work hard on her health every day to better herself. She was struggling with diabetes, hormonal imbalances, suicidal tendencies, depression, obesity and also a failing marriage. A serial entrepreneur, author, orator and functional nutritionist, Mugdha shared her real-life weight loss journey with us. She managed to lose 37 kilos in a span of 14 months.Also Read – Watching Your Weight? Bhagyashree Shares Easy-to-Follow Weight Loss Diet Tips

Mugdha not only lost 37 kgs, but she also reversed an autoimmune thyroid dysfunction (Hashimotos), diabetes, and depression. Also Read – 3 Easy Snacking Tips That Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight Loss and turning point: I recall meeting an old friend in April 2016 and being asked to spend 5 minutes looking into a mirror. When I saw who was looking back, I burst into tears. I was obese at 97 kgs, diabetic, hormonally imbalanced with mood swings, suicidal tendencies, depression, and in a failing marriage. I couldn’t relate to this person. That was my rock bottom. Also Read – Weight Loss Tips: The Ideal Time to Eat Your Meals While Trying to Shed Extra Kilos

Mugdha Pradhan was inspired to change her life for the better

Since that day, I’ve been working hard to better myself. The first step was to determine what was causing my health issues. I saw a few conventional doctors, but none of them could explain why I was sick. That’s when I delved into functional nutrition, learning everything I could about the underlying causes of illness, learning how to read blood reports, and discovering that I was suffering from deficiencies, chronic infections, heavy metal toxicity, and multiple organ dysfunctions. While I worked on my physical health, I also took a warrior’s approach to everything that was affecting my emotional and mental health. By June of 2017, I had lost 37 kg.

I never wanted to feel that sick and unhealthy again, like I felt at 97kgs. That single goal kept me going in the direction of good health.

Weight Loss And Diet: A typical breakfast is comprised of black coffee and three eggs cooked in ghee.

Lunch consists of red meat (mutton or buffalo) served as a gravy dish or as kebabs with rice or bhakri. Occasionally when I snack it usually consists of organic, seasonal fruits. Dinner is normally similar to lunch. On weekends, when I have time to cook, I enjoy eating fish or prawns.

I don’t believe in the concept of cheat day, it’s not logical to me. However, when I do feel like indulging, I usually reach for sourdough bread and rasmalai.

Mugdha Pradhan not only lost 37 kgs, but she also reversed an autoimmune thyroid dysfunction (Hashimotos), diabetes, and depression.

Foods I quit to reach weight loss goal: I quit all processed food, sugar in all forms, seed oils, gluten and dairy.

Weight loss mantra: There is no quick fix for losing weight. All short-term methods will result in regaining all of the lost weight. The only permanent and sustainable way to lose weight is to identify the underlying causes of excess weight and work toward resolving them so that weight loss becomes a byproduct. That is my mantra.

Weight Loss And Workout: My workout was quite diverse, weight training on alternate days, yoga once a week and long walks twice a week.

What worked for me: What worked was the functional nutrition approach, which provided me with long-term and sustainable results. Short-term approaches such as crash diets, keto, intermittent fasting, and so on did not work. decided to bring Real-Life Weight Loss stories for our readers which will inspire you to finally sign up for that gym membership or start making yoga an active part of your lifestyle. If you have got an incredible weight loss story that inspires people to stay healthy, write to us on our social media handles to get featured and we’ll get in touch with you!

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