President Biden will hold a critical teleconference with Russian President Vladimir Putin today. The two will discuss the recent developments in Ukraine and Russia, and the ramifications of a Russian invasion. The US will stop purchasing hydrocarbons and fertilizer from Russia, and the EU will give up building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will take Russian gas to Germany. The US will also restart shale oil and liquefied natural gas projects to compensate for the loss of Russian exports.

Despite this, the US and NATO forces have been building upon the Polish-Belarus border in a bid to protect the Ukrainian people. While this is a provocation by Russia, it does not prove that Putin is really threatening an invasion. The escalation in tensions between the US and Russia is more likely to scare Ukraine into submission and test NATO’s resolve. The Russians could even do this by sending regular forces to invade Ukraine, which would only exacerbate the conflict.

This scenario poses an existential threat for Poland and Romania. The Russians are moving back into Belarus and are likely to move more forces there. It is also possible that they could push through mechanized troops near the Suwalki Corridor, the sole ground line connecting NATO’s Baltic members. The Russian Control of Ukraine would cause a significant and potentially fatal existential threat for Poland and Romania. Major U.S. and European deployments would be needed to counter this.

Stent, writing in Foreign Affairs, argues that Biden needs to think more like Putin on Ukraine and get some of that sphinx-like inscrutability going for the United States. Though the United States has hinted at major sanctions against Russia, including a potential disconnection from SWIFT, the U.S. banking data system, some analysts suggest it’s time for a new playbook. “That would be the mother of all sanctions,” Russian scholar Artom Lukin tweeted Monday, before adding, “Iran and North Korea have long been disconnected from SWIFT. Has it changed their behavior?”

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