PGA Tour’s Jason Kokrak explains his ‘odd stretch’

Even with a pair of bogeys on his card, long-hitter Jason Kokrak fired a 67 during Thursday’s opening round of the Genesis Invitational. The North Bay, Ontario, native has enjoyed quite a successful run over the last 18 months, compiling three victories and a host of top 25 finishes, including a 17th-place showing in his last start at the Sony Open.

Kokrak admitted to our Averee Dovsek this week that he fell out of the workout routine a few years back, but he now insists that cardio and stretching have helped him climb up the rankings and stay consistent. As part of a new partnership with Planet Fitness, Kokrak said his strength off the tee comes from his 6-foot-4 stature, not powerlifting.

“I’m a taller guy with long levers and that’s where most of my speed comes from,” Kokrak told Dovsek.

Stretching, for Kokrak, is almost as important as was his move to a longer putter — one that produced massive results.

But Kokrak’s stretching routine is a little different than that used by most other players. He does nearly all of it with a wedge in hand.

“Most of my stretching comes with a 60-degree or 56-degree wedge. I tend to do a little stretching in my shoulders and hips, my quads, hamstrings, and try to get my body warmed up before I start hitting balls,” Kokrak said. “Some guys don’t do that, but I started doing that a long time ago. I’ve kind of done the same thing for a long, long time.

“It’s kind of an odd stretch, I forget who taught me this, it was someone back in college, and I’ve continued it through my career.”

See him explain his entire workout regimen in the video below.

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