NYFW Fall 2022 Makeup Ideas

To mark the end of New York Fashion Week Fall 2022, Collina Strada showcased a fun take on a digital presentation titled The Collinas, which was influenced by hit reality TV shows like The Hills (Whitney Port and editor Lisa Love even made guest appearances) and Real Housewives.

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The plot went like this: After receiving a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to intern at Collina Strada in the episode, actress Tommy Dorfman moves to NYC to work first-hand with the brand—but ultimately struggles to adapt to its workplace culture. “We drew a lot of references not literally from The Hills but more so from that time,” lead makeup artist Allie Smith tells BAZAAR.com, “sort of like 2004 to 2007. So, a lot of smudgy liner and lived-in makeup. We loved looking at party snapshots from that time and people’s MySpace pictures; pretty powdered face and some under-eye bags and texture showing through, with liner, mascara, a bit of bronzer, and a really frosty, glossy lip.”

collina strada nyfw fall 2022

While the beauty looks worn in the presentation were a nod to the early 2000s, Smith and Collina Strada designer Hillary Taymour worked together to update them 2022. “She has such a cool eye for detail; it’s always really fun building a beauty look with her,” Smith says of working with Taymour. “She’s so dialed into her inspiration for her collections that she usually comes to the table with an idea that we then build upon.”

To channel a Y2K influence with a Collina Strada twist, the models wore eye looks featuring bright pops of green, pink, or glitter at the inner corners, with a mix of two gloss shades for the lips in peach and pink topped with MAC’s Dazzleglass lip gloss in the shade Pleasure Principle to amplify their shine. Smith and Taymour decided on a minimal, dewy matte finish for skin, starting with Tula’s Protect and Glow SPF 30 on the high points of the face and down the center of the nose. For added sheen and brightness, Smith also used the brand’s Lip SOS Treatment Balm and Rose Glow and Get It Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm.

collina strada nyfw fall 2022

collina strada nyfw fall 2022

On the models’ eyes and brows, Smith used MAC’s Pro Longwear Fluidline Eye Liner and Brow Gel, which dries down to a matte texture. “So it’s cool because you get this effect of a really beautiful sculpted eye, but then you can blend it out with pencil on top to get more subtle washes of color for that lived in feel,” she explains, “plus, generous mascara.”

collina strada nyfw fall 2022

“A smudgy, smoky eye is so universal, and I feel like every generation has their own interpretation of that,” continues Smith. “In the last few years, it’s been that Kardashian, perfectly blended smoky eye, whereas back in the early 2000s, it was a bit more smudgy pencil liner, tighter to the line and lived in. Now it’s this blown out, gorgeous cloud. So it’s fun to merge the two and use different colors and textures to create that.”

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