Noem launches 2022 "DON'T QUIT!" fitness campaign for South Dakota schools

PIERRE, S.D. — South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has joined with Jake “Body By Jake” Steinfeld to launch the 2022 DON’T QUIT! campaign in South Dakota schools.

Steinfeld is the chairman of the National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils (NFGFC).

The NFGFC will deliver fitness equipment to three elementary or middle schools in South Dakota. Nominations are accepted starting Wednesday, February 16 and the deadline to submit a nomination is Wednesday, March 16.

“Childhood obesity is a serious problem that can follow a child into adulthood. It’s inspiring to see elected leaders like Governor Kristi Noem champion my vision by jumping on board and welcoming us into the great state of South Dakota,”  said Jake Steinfeld. “Every governor we’ve partnered with recognizes that childhood obesity is neither a Democratic nor Republican issue, it’s a kids’ issue.  Our kids are our most precious resource and by providing them with a strong foundation in health and fitness, we can feel confident that they’ll excel beyond their wildest dreams.”

DON’T QUIT! has delivered equipment to 38 states and Washington D.C. Each center is financed through partnerships with companies like The Coca-Cola Company, Anthem Foundation, Wheels Up and Nike, and does not rely on taxpayer dollars or state funding. provides the fitness equipment.

“Healthy families make strong families and strong families build healthy communities. Thank you to Jake and his foundation for bringing the DON’T QUIT! campaign to South Dakota,” said Governor Noem.

CLICK HERE to submit a nomination.

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