The story of John Paul I’s death is a complex one. There is conflicting information about who found the pontiff’s body and whether the cause of death was pulmonary embolism or a mysterious illness. The Vatican rushed to embalm the body without performing an autopsy, and is unable to provide any official explanation for the death. A British crime writer, David Yallop, investigated the case and concluded that the church was covering up the murder. His theory is that he was poisoned before exposing the corruption of the Catholic church.

The story of John Paul I was pope is complicated by the fact that some laymen and priests did not think he was up to the task of leading the ecclesiastical territory of Venice. Other lay people and cardinals defended his competence, but this evidence was not enough to corroborate his story. While the Vatican did not specify the cause of death, it did say that the pope’s death was a suicide, but the circumstances surrounding his death remain a mystery.

Although John Paul I was pope, his death story is still developing. It is still unclear how he died, but Stefania Falasca’s version of events is more thorough and detailed than any previous attempt. She had access to documents that were not publicly accessible and was able to read confidential doctors’ notes on the pope’s clinical history. While this is a fascinating story, the story of his death is only beginning to unfold.

Cornwell’s book included an anecdote, relayed by one of John Paul I’s secretaries, John Magee, of one day when the pope let slip a clutch of documents while walking on a roof-deck garden. The pages fluttered downward, scattering across several roofs, and the pope was in despair, saying, “Oh my God, oh my God.” Magee suggested John Paul I go lie down. The Vatican fire brigade eventually managed to collect every piece of paper. But all the while, the pope was curled up in a fetal position on his bed, according to Magee, broken by even modest adversity.

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