MU Health Care doctor reports seeing fewer injuries in the ER due to the snowy/icy conditions


The ice and sleet under the snowpack can be a cause for concern over the next couple of days.  

Dr. Christopher Sampson with MU Health Care said during his shift last night he saw half the number of people they usually see when it comes to slip and falls from the ice. 

And while most people can usually take care of themselves after a fall, Dr. Sampson says there are some signs you should take a trip to the emergency room.

“The arm or area or where the bone is looks crooked, bent, or deformed that is probably a sign that it is broken. If you are having severe pain, those are some important signs right away. From a head injury standpoint, anyone who strikes their head could develop a concussion,” said Dr. Sampson. 

He says one of the best ways to prevent falling on the ice is to wear the proper footwear and to make sure you shovel and de-ice your sidewalks and driveway. 

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