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Sameera Reddy has been out and about inspiring us with her fitness glimpses. The actor, who started her fitness journey a year back, recently shared a post on how the year has transpired for her. As part of her #FitnessFriday post, she revealed that she lost 11 kgs in a span of a year.

“One year ago, I started to take my fitness seriously. I was 92 kgs. Today I am 81 kgs. But I always say more that the weight loss, I’m grateful for increase in my energy levels and agility,” she captioned the post which shows two pictures taken a year apart.

What all helped her?

*I tend to lose focus but I’m aware so I get back on track immediately.
*Intermittent fasting has helped me with my late-night snacking habit.
*I do a lot of inner work to stay away from negative thoughts and stay mindful of being happy with my body now.
*Choose a sport. It helps make fitness fun.
*Partner with a buddy who checks on your progress every week
*Set realistic goals. Don’t aim to immediately drop the weight.
*Lastly, don’t self-loathe. Nothing and nobody is worth that stress.

“Thank you for being my fitness buddy this past one year. I’m looking forward will full determination to continue forward and keep this going with you,” she addressed her followers.

Reddy, known to often speak up on body positivity, has taken up a fitness challenge as part of which she follows mindful workouts, and eats without any “short cuts”.

“Still enjoying where I am at now without feeling down but more importantly feeling charged,” the actor continued in her post, adding that intermittent fasting and yoga are helping her with her “mental and physical balance”. “I’ve really had to hold back on sweet!! Super hard but I see the difference!” she said in a previous post.

Previously, when she completed a month of her fitness journey, the mother-of-two penned down, “The first month was about committing, intention and knowing that there is a consistent planning of getting to your goals. Now, I may be trying to push the envelope a little harder with portion control. We all have our ways to lose weight.”

On intermittent fasting, she had shared, “I’m a big emotional eater, especially when I’m tired and overwhelmed which is most of the time. And I needed to stay focused on mindful eating habits and these past few months it just was not happening! Intermittent fasting is working really well for me! I fast 16 hours and eat only is my 8-hour window.”

In an interaction with fitness coach Nyela Kapadia, Reddy listed down a few don’ts and dos when it comes to intermittent fasting.


*If you are a beginner, don’t start at 16 hours directly. Start at 12 and gradually build up the hours, constantly checking adaptability with your body.
*Don’t tell yourself that 16 hours is better than 12 as it is not true. What works best for you is true for you,” mentioned Reddy.
*Don’t do two large meals at the start and end of fasting hours. Eat normally throughout the day while maintaining fasting hours.
*Don’t binge on junk and processed foods as this will not allow for digestive recovery, which is the aim of IF.
*Don’t avoid exercise. You need to exercise for good health whether fasting or not.


*Eat well-nourished meals throughout the day.
*Work on increasing fasting hours gradually.
*Eat according to the individual caloric requirement.
*Break the fast with a nutrient-rich balanced meal rather than only carbs.
*Stay hydrated
*Have a consistent routine and ensure you are taking in enough nutrition to fuel your body.
*To make it holistic, ensure your sleeping pattern is in sync.
*Irrespective of your fasting hours, don’t finish your last meal later than 8 pm.

Pregnant women are not recommended to take up IF. Lactating women should not do it unless under the guidance of a professional health expert,” mentioned Reddy on her Instagram.

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