Meet the mom of 7 who won a beauty pageant, then milked a cow in her crown

This incredible scene is only the latest in a series of unlikely events that could only have been written by the hand of God. 

Hannah’s is the classic story: City girl goes country and becomes a pig rancher, mountain farmer, sourdough connoisseur, and lover of all things dairy cows. Jokes aside, Hannah’s story is nothing short of inspiring.

It all started when Hannah discovered her passion for ballet. She moved to New York City as a young woman to study dance at the world-famous Juilliard School for the performing arts.

That’s where she met Daniel Neeleman, who wanted to be a farmer. They were almost a missed connection, but Hannah described on her popular Instagram account how “angels” helped “put her back on course.” 

Daniel and I met at a college basketball game in our early twenties. Though he asked me on a few dates in the weeks following, I was busy with school in NYC and focused on my dancing career. But I couldn’t forget his smile. That’s when the Good Lord sent his angels to put me back on course. Out of the blue I met a family at JFK airport boarding the same flight as me. They were from Daniel’s hometown and I asked if they knew him. “That’s not one you want to get away, dear” they told me. Turning, they bid farewell and left to me to ponder on the matter. Soon after I called Daniel and asked him out on a date. We were married 3 months later. It wasn’t until after I said yes that he told me he wanted to be a pig farmer.

His dream of being a pig farmer came true, although not immediately. The young couple lived in the city and had 4 children under age 5 when they finally bought a farm. Hannah reminisces on her Instagram,

Daniel and I left the city for farm life 4.5 years ago. With the ink still wet on the real estate contract for our new little farm, we drove to the nearest farm goods store to buy muck boots, overalls, gloves, and straw hats. We had zero experience. Zero background in farming. Didn’t own a shovel or a single animal. No dog, cat, or goldfish. We had 4 children under the age of 5. Already short on sleep, we did the only thing we knew how to do: tell our story and document the journey for all to see.

Their ranch is called Ballerina Farm, and they’re building a beautiful life there. Hannah posts stunning pictures of their farm as well as delightful content about family life, babies, pregnancy, marriage, favorite recipes, and farm animals.

The glitz and glam of the pageant was certainly a change of pace for Hannah. It seems the pageant judges felt the same way about her. She wrote,

“I don’t think the judges were expecting to hear so much about livestock at a beauty pageant but that’s what they got … ‘Know your farmer, know your food’ is my platform, so it seems only fitting I go from feeding pigs to practicing interview questions, milking cows to training my high heel walking, pitching hay before my pull-up routine.”

After her win, Hannah began preparing to enter the Mrs. America pageant. But this time, she wasn’t leaving all the kids at home with Daniel. She brought a little stowaway with her: baby number 7, with whom she was newly pregnant. 

The Neeleman family is growing along with their ranch, and it’s a joy to see. Whenever you need some inspiration and joy, take a minute to enjoy Hannah’s writings about raising a big family on a mountain farm. Her enthusiasm and contentment are always inspiring, with or without the pageant crown.


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