Medi-Weightloss Celebrates Growth and Prepares for Expansion in 2022

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Weight Loss Clinic Continues to Grow Nationwide and Helps Patients Lose More than 7 Million Pounds

February 16, 2022 // // TAMPA, Fla. – Medi-Weightloss®, a proven weight loss program with an evidence-based and clinical approach, experienced tremendous growth last year despite the ongoing global pandemic. The national franchise brand has encouraged people to be more cautious regarding their health, especially amid severe illnesses with COVID-19.

In 2021, Medi-Weightloss opened seven new franchise locations and signed 15 new franchises to the system. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, company executives say it has opened people’s eyes to be more mindful of their health, leading them to Medi-Weightloss. As a result, there was an increase in new patients in 2021, with the new patient volume increasing by more than 25 percent. Medi-Weightloss has helped its patients collectively lose 7.9 million pounds and counting.

“While no food, dietary supplements, or weight loss plan can prevent or cure COVID-19 infection, we like to remind our community that maintaining a healthy body weight and consuming a healthy, nutritional, and well-balanced diet is essential for supporting a robust immune system,” said Dr. Gretchen San Miguel, MD, and Chief Medical Officer for Medi-Weightloss.

“Our primary focus has always been patient care. As we mitigate the obstacles brought on by the pandemic, we like to remind the public that obesity is a disease and achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight can also reduce their likelihood of developing a variety of health problems besides COVID-19,” said Edward Kaloust, Medi-Weightloss Founder and CEO. “This pandemic has caused the world enough stress already; let’s not add obesity and its related health conditions, including metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and diabetes to the mix too if we have the proper medical treatment to help control it and keep our bodies healthy.”

Medi-Weightloss offers individualized programs proven to produce impactful weight loss results. According to a study published in the Journal of Public Health, patients reduced their weight by 14%, body fat by 12%, and waist circumference by 5 inches after only 13 weeks. The study from 2019 also demonstrated that when implemented, their diet and lifestyle changes reduced the prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome by 45 weeks.

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