Les Mills spies metaverse with first VR fitness game app

Growing interest in the metaverse and immersive digital experiences has prompted group fitness brand, Les Mills, to debut its first virtual workout in the gaming environment.

The brand has teamed up with Spain-based virtual reality specialist, Odders Labs, to turn its iconic Boydcombat workout into a VR gaming app available via the Quest Platform. Transformation of the program into the virtual realm has been led by the group fitness style’s program directors, Rachael Newsham and Dan Cohen, and sees consumers pitted against martial arts challenges in settings from an intergalactic desert on Mars to a snowy tundra, ancient Rome and neo-city skylines.

Players accrue points for effort and techniques as they’re coached through the workouts by Newsham and Cohen and can track their performance as they progress.

It’s not the first time Les Mills has explored virtual reality – the business delivered ‘The Trip’, its first immersive workout, a few years ago. But Les Mills CEO, Clive Ormerod, told CMO rising interest in the metaverse made it a good time to innovate and go further.

What Newsham described as the “cultural convergence between fitness and gaming” was also paving the way to exciting collaborations and innovative products, she said. Bodycombat was chosen first given its distinctive brand identity, reach across 10,000 gyms globally and millions of participants.

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