Leigh Campbell shares 3 beauty habits she used to hate.

1. Colouring my hair at home.

I used to get my hair coloured in the salon every three weeks. Which took several hours each visit. WHAT?!

Current Leigh can’t even fathom having that sort of time or luxury. 

Now I very proudly colour my own roots at home regularly and also dabble in doing my own highlights every now and again. I still get a pro to fix it up maybe twice a year, but for the most part I’m a happy at-home hair colour-er.

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2. Stick on nails.

I used to think these were for tweens only, but both my attitude and the products in this category have come a long way since then. I also get quite bad anxiety getting a manicure as I don’t like not being able to use my hands, so a quick set of stick on nails (my faves are from Dashing Diva) are perfect for when I have an event to go to.

They look really believable and I can take them off without damaging my nail underneath when I’m done.

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3. Shaving my arms.

I feel there’s an unspoken snobbery when it comes to which sort of hair removal method you opt for. For some reason, shaving is the lowest in terms of classiness. I hated my hairy arms for so long, but waxing them meant I had to wait ages for them to grow back so it could be done again. 

It was also expensive and time-consuming. The day I started shaving my forearms was a lightbulb moment for me. They could be smooth in 30 seconds any time I wanted (I do it in the shower), and I didn’t need to be embarrassed that I achieved that through shaving. 

And no, they don’t grow back thicker or darker – that’s a big shaving myth.

Feature Image: Instagram @leighcampbell / Mamamia.

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