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The heart of Astoria on Steinway Street is home to a plethora of interesting restaurants, coffee shops and hookah bars, and Le Luxe Beautique is joining the scene as the area’s newest business.

Jan. 15 marked the grand opening of the sleek salon, which featured a DJ, refreshments and giveaways. Since then, Le Luxe Beautique has been a one-stop-shop for clients’ beauty needs, complete with tons of glamour and a classic, clean look. The salon offers a range of services, including lash extensions, brow shaping and tinting, blowouts and a full service makeup.

“I wanted to do a combination of different services in one place,” said Elizabeth Jeanty, the salon’s owner. “As a mom of two, I know how hard it is to scramble to get a day [for yourself], so it’s like, you come in, you get everything done and you’re out the door.”

Le Luxe Beautique in Astoria. (Photo courtesy of Le Luxe Beautique)

According to Jeanty, many clients book multiple services at once and get to relax in the salon with a glass of champagne while watching whatever movie or tv show the salon is playing that day.

Le Luxe has a plush couch in the waiting area, rows of curved lash beds for getting eyelash extensions and an elegant flower wall that guests can pose in front of when they’re finished at the salon.

For years, Jeanty, who originally grew up nearby in the Jackson Heights area, worked as a freelance makeup artist, so the beauty industry was always one of her passions. Over time, her passion developed into a dream to have her own salon and when the opportunity to open up shop on Steinway Street came up, she knew she had to take it.

Le Luxe Beautique in Astoria. (Photo courtesy of Le Luxe Beautique)

“I knew I wanted to be in Astoria,” said Jeanty. “It’s great for traffic, it’s so diverse [and] you meet different people. In Jackson Heights where I grew up, it’s the same thing. It’s a melting pot of so many different ethnicities [and] people — I love that.”

All of the staff at Le Luxe Beautique — from the salon’s lash technician to its hairstylist — emphasize attention to detail and create a glamourous experience that makes a trip to the salon feel like a quick getaway instead of a chore.

“I hope to bring something entirely different than what’s in the area,” said Jeanty. “I want it to be a high-end salon, where people feel comfortable, they enjoy the whole experience of being here and they’re 100 percent satisfied as a customer; that’s really important to me.”

Le Luxe Beautique in Astoria. (Photo courtesy of Le Luxe Beautique)

Le Luxe Beautique is located at 25-73 Steinway St., Astoria. For more information or to book an appointment, call 718-204-1680 or visit the salon’s Instagram at instagram.com/leluxebeautique.

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