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In the last 23 months, the health care system has been under unique stresses that would have been impossible to navigate if it were not for the contributions of one person born in May 1820 in Italy. Florence Nightingale was the pivotal herald of change who influenced the healthcare system in the 1800s to begin recognizing the importance of proper sanitation and the direct impact it had on patients’ overall health and the likelihood of surviving their hospital stay. Nightingale accepted what she described as a “calling” to enter into the profession and the world in 2022 is indebted to her willingness to answer that call. Today, in LaRue County Schools students are exposed to the same calling that Nightingale experienced.

LaRue County High School, within the last few years, has had the opportunity to add new career pathways to its offerings. Jennifer Thrasher leads one of the newest pathways, Health Sciences. She describes what the pathway offers, “The health science pathway includes 6 different classes. Students start their freshman year learning about how the healthcare system works, including topics such as health insurance, ethical issues, infection control, and an overview of anatomy and philosophy. As students progress through the program, they will learn 350 medical terms that are used in healthcare, the math that is used to calculate medication dosages as well as first aid and emergency responsiveness. By their senior year, they have the opportunity to become certified as a patient care technician or a nursing assistant.”

Thrasher explains how what students learn can help them be more prepared when entering the field of Health Science upon graduation, “Students who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare will greatly benefit from the information they learn in this pathway. They learn basic patient care skills like vital signs, phlebotomy, and CPR that will prepare them to enter the workforce as soon as they graduate. It also provides them with a great deal of background knowledge that will give them a step up if they choose to enroll in a college-level health science program. This program also helps students to solidify their career choice in healthcare before they move on to their secondary education. Allowing them to complete some dual credit courses and increase their chances of reaching their education and career goals.”

The goal of LaRue County High School is to help students learn the necessary skills to launch them into the rest of their lives. One of the great advantages of having career technical education (CTE) options as pathways are that it allows students to be exposed to topics outside of the traditional high school educational experiences. Florence Nightingale’s impact and legacy 200 years later is that millions of people are alive because she answered the call to go into healthcare. LaRue County High School is laying the groundwork for students to have an impact on the world that could be just as profound by offering an opportunity for a similar calling to occur.

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