Jessica Simpson wows in black slit dress after 100-pound weight loss

Jessica Simpson has always looked absolutely fabulous, however, as of late, the American musician is doubling down on her beauty and we are definitely living for this glamourous change.

Her Instagram always showcases her best looks, ranging from Jessica looking stunning in daisy dukes and bright red knee-high boots to this singer donning a dazzling leopard print dress. But it’s safe to say that none of her show-stopping outfits looks as amazing as this brand-new photo she’s shared with us the other day.

You absolutely have to see it to believe it! Check out Jessica Simpson’s newest flick, below.

Jessica Simpson black slit dress

For her Saturday night out, Jessica Simpson sported an alluring black dress with a slit that stopped just inches after her waistline. To accompany the dress, she wore tall black strapped platform heels showing off her fresh pedicure. As for accessories, Jessica saw it best to be dripped from head-to-toe in gold jewelry as she not only wore gold bracelets on both of her hands but also put on a multiple-chained necklace with a gold crescent moon dangling just before her chest.

Trust us, the outfit looks as iconic as it sounds. See Jessica Simpson’s latest outfit, here.

The only people who love this outfit more than we do are definitely her 5.8 million fans because they are showering this celebrity with all the compliments in the world. (As they should!)

“I need the whole fit! Super cute!”, one comment read while another comment passionately stated, “Can we please get a side view of these f—g heels”. Both of which we certainly share the same sentiments on, especially the latter comment.

Unfortunately, we don’t quite know where she got those lovely heels. However, her fashion brand, Jessica Simpson Collection, has plenty of pairs just like it. Perhaps her recent Instagram pic is a shameless plug for her booming business. If so, it’s absolutely working because we want to buy a pair as soon as possible!

With running a stylish company and with never refraining from putting a couple of statement pieces together, Jessica Simpson clearly knows how to dress well and especially knows how to look good doing it.

What are we wearing next, Jessica!

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