Diabetes is a serious disease that, if left untreated, could have unpleasant consequences. Nowadays, diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases in the world. Blame the poor diet and sedentary lifestyle, as well as genetics.

There are several types of diabetes. The most serious is type 1, and those affected must necessarily undergo treatment with insulin, in addition to paying close attention to their diet. Then, there is the less aggressive type 2 diabetes, which would be fought with nutrition, exercise and medication.

Metformin is the drug that diabetologists prescribe, because it would help control body weight and especially blood sugar. It is of fundamental importance to take care of one’s diet and lifestyle. In fact, metformin alone would not be able to maintain control over the action between glycemia and insulin and on weight.

Yet, something else may be hiding behind metformin. It sounds unbelievable, but this diabetes drug could prove useful for other diseases as well. In fact, a scientific study was conducted on its potential against the dreaded tumor.

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A researcher from the Veronesi Foundation focused on the most severe form of brain tumor: glioblastoma. Unfortunately, this type of cancer could also affect the youngest, even children. It is not easy to cure a tumor and, in fact, it is one of the leading causes of death.

However, science is making great strides, and the researcher is still studying possible treatments to fight glioblastoma more effectively. The treatment for this type of tumor is carried out in the action of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, in addition to the drug temozolomide.

Unfortunately, one of the causes of a cure’s failure is the resistance of malignant cells to the cure itself. The tumor stem cells, in fact, would be able to produce themselves again, resisting the treatment. This is why the researcher is trying to find other solutions.

It sounds unbelievable, but this diabetes drug may have brain tumor potential as well

A hypothetical solution, perhaps, could be precisely metformin, on which several studies have been carried out. In fact, it appears to contain anticancer properties. For this reason, the researcher is studying its effects on glioblastoma.

This drug could have cancer potential because it would interfere with sensitivity to chemotherapy as well as temozolomide. To answer the question of how metformin works, we should therefore wait for the results of the study. In any case, it is already a big step forward.

This article is for informational purposes only. Therefore, we recommend that you contact your doctor for all the information you need in case of diabetes or if you have been diagnosed with cancer.


Pay attention to these blood glucose values ​​during these particular hours of the day because they indicate the presence of diabetes

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