It May Have Been ‘Really Difficult’ For Mark Wahlberg To Gain 30 Lbs For New Movie, But New Shirtless Post Proves He’s Clearly Back In Shape

Aging in Hollywood can be a gift and a sort of a curse for many A-listers. While roles become more substantive, it gets harder to maintain one’s physique. No one knows that better than Uncharted’s Mark Wahlberg. After gaining 30 pounds for his upcoming movie, Father Stu, Wahlberg got candid about how tricky weight gain and loss become when one’s reached a certain age. The actor also recently dropped a shirtless photo, which indicates that he’s since bounced back from the weight gain.

The 50-year-old performer spoke on the reality of losing and gaining weight, during a recent appearance on Australian radio program The Kyle and Jackie O Show. While the upcoming biopic was a passion project for Mark Wahlberg, packing on the pounds seemed to be a bit more of a challenge than it previously would’ve been for the fan-favorite star. While reflecting on the physical transformation, he said:

I would say it’s easier to stay in shape than it is to get in shape. I put on 30 pounds… that was really difficult. I’m not getting younger.

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