Isometric Walking (or ISO Walking™)

MACCLESFIELD, England, Feb. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TWiEA, The World Isometric Exercise Association announces an evaluation of a new full-body version of walking called Isometric Walking, or ISO Walking.

Brian Sterling-Vete Ph.D. martial arts & fitness expert, Guinness world record holder, and Chief Consultant of TWiEA says: “At TWiEA, The World Isometric Exercise Association, we naturally love all things connected with isometric exercise. Since isometric exercise is not new, there are many types of popular workouts, most of which are highly effective if you follow the simple rules of exercise science. Just when we thought that we had seen it all, we were made aware of something new and exciting in the isometric exercise world.

Exercise specialist and entrepreneur, Vlad Kozh PhD, is originally from Russia, he first moved to Canada and now resides in Dallas, Texas, USA. He has launched a new walking for health concept called Isometric Walking – Interestingly, this system doesn’t aim to compete with existing walking systems, instead, it enhances and expands on walking as an exercise to become a total-body experience.

Isometric Walking can trace its origins back over millennia of human history. This is because as bipedal creatures we needed to walk while carrying various objects, using tools, and even weapons of war. Therefore, technically, Isometric Walking has been part of our lives forever.

One of the interesting obvious benefits of Isometric Walking is how effective it is at exercising the core muscles, and in enhancing multi-limb coordination. Naturally, ordinary walking involves an inverted pendulum motion with the body repeatedly vaulting over each non-moving limb. However, in Isometric Walking as you walk the upper body performs various isometric multi-limb unilateral or bilateral exercises. When performing independent upper body isometric exercises whilst walking, the body must work to compensate for rotational and other forces that come into play. Therefore, Isometric Walking will help you to develop enhanced coordination skills, greater core stability, which in turn enhances your cognitive abilities and motor skills.

For these reasons alone, Isometric Walking can be of enormous benefit to anyone wanting to sharpen their coordination, and for older people wishing to maximize their cognitive abilities while performing an easy and efficient form of exercise. Naturally, with Isometric Walking and all other forms of isometric exercise, the scientific rules of safe exercise must be always followed, especially when it comes to remembering to never hold your breath during any exercise and to always get the approval of your doctor before exercising.

To summarize our evaluation of Isometric Walking, we give it a huge thumbs up, and very much look forward to seeing how this develops. From what we have seen so far, we can easily envision training courses for users, openings for new instructors wanting to teach the system, special technique classes, and Isometric Walking groups springing up all over the world.

About TWiEA.
The World Isometric Exercise Association, or TWiEA, as it is frequently abbreviated, is the global governing body for all types of isometric exercise. TWiEA‘s mission is to ensure that scientifically proven time-efficient isometric exercise techniques are taught as part of an integrated overall approach to the total-body exercise solutions provided by fitness professionals.

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