According to a study released a few days ago on the web, sleeping with the phone near the bed would be very harmful to health, we are talking about diabetes and obesity, especially if left in office. BUT WHAT CORRELATION HAVE THESE PATHOLOGIES WITH A SIMPLE SMARTPHONE?

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Although it has been established since time immemorial, scientists have always said it: sleeping with the smartphone near the bed, moreover under charge, can really be dangerous to health. The ideal would be to have no devices in the bedroom, and if you have a power strip for the sockets, turn it off. According to a study published by the British Scientistscharge the phone in the bedroom increases the possibility of suffering from obesity and diabetes, because it dampens our melatonin. let’s see what it means.

Melatonin: why it is so important

The main cause of the problems related to the phenomenon that everyone, without exception, does, concerns the production of melatoninwhich according to a series of conditions can increase or decrease, thus decreeing the quality of sleep. A dark environment increases the production of melatonin and it improves the quality of our sleep, making it REALLY a rested sleep, while if it decreases, there is the risk that our body no longer recognizes the bedroom as an exclusive place for “sleep” only. Hence, the electromagnetic radiation generated by the phone being charged they would disrupt the production of melatonin resulting in a worsening of sleep quality. The result is one metabolism imbalance which could lead to diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Don’t mess with these things.

“The study states that in standby, the value of the electromagnetic radiation released by the phone is 2.3 Milligauss (mG). The magnetic flux density increases to 3.4 Milligauss after putting the smartphone on charge. Also, the phone’s electromagnetic radiation values vary by distance: at 5 cm, 10 cm and 15 cm are respectively 1, 0.5 and 0.3 MilliGauss. ” declares the source.

Sleeping close to your smartphone? A habit to be eliminated

One solution is to place it in another room – MeteoWeek.com

The advice of the experts has remained the same for years now: turn off the device during the nightwhile in case of impossibility, it is better not to keep it near the bed but to one adequate distance, even better in another room, a corridor even outside the door. It is useful, so to turn off the alarm you will have to get up.

In 2014, researchers from the University of Granada and later experts from the University of Manchester carried out research on this topic. Both have come to state that using a computer or smartphone at night can cause obesity.

A single three-hour exposure to blue light in the evening had an acute impact on hunger and glucose metabolism. We are interested in how an alteration of the sleep-wake pattern can cause diabetes and obesity. We are also looking into whether better sleep will have a positive effect on these conditions. This light-dark cycle is useful for our bodies to predict changes in the environment. So, if you start sleeping less or get light at the wrong time until late at night, you stop secreting melatonin and this could contribute to metabolic disturbances.“, he has declared Ivy Cheung of Northwestern University in Chicago.

In short, now you can change your life. Starting from here.

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