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Weight loss is a personal journey that is dependent on a lot of factors, including discipline, diet and fitness. Proper sleep and rest are important, too.

Experts say that when trying to lose a few kilos, one needs to be mindful of what they put on their plates, along with doing portion-control, which entails including many healthy food items in the diet, but consuming them in specific portions only.

Nutritionist Azra Khan took to Instagram to explain how weight loss/fat loss can happen with eating rice, roti, ghee. “It’s all about balance,” she wrote in the caption next to a video in which she explained what an ideal dinner plate should look like for those planning to lose weight.

Calling it a “healthy and nutritious plate”, Khan showed how it has a bit of rice, a little paneer, some dal and salad.

She said she recommended this plate to someone who likes to eat carbs at night, for it enables them to sleep better. She suggested that a little bit of carbs at night — in the form of rice — can be considered.

The plate also has a slice of lemon to enhance the taste.

Would you like to consider?

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