Great Falls Clinic is opening a weight management department

GREAT FALLS — Great Falls Clinic is gearing up to introduce a weight management department, as two women with a passion for healthy living have recently joined the organization.

Nurse practitioner Sarah Pack arrived in Great Falls in August after her husband was relocated for a new job at the clinic.

Pack explained, “After meeting with the CEO, I approached him and said, you know you really need a weight management clinic, and he said, ‘I couldn’t agree more let’s see what we can do.’” 

Nutritional consultant Jackie Cooke followed Pack to Montana, but their relationship is more than just being coworkers.

“I first met Sarah when I was going through my own weight loss management journey,” said Cooke. “She was my consultant.”

After losing 50 pounds, a quick career change turned Cooke and Pack into coworkers.

For more information, call the Great Falls Clinic at 406-771-3463.


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