Get moving to get your fitness journey on track

Very soon, we are going to be in shorts, tank tops and swimsuits. Are you still going to be the one covered up?

It certainly can’t be because you have something to hide? Or, that you can’t find anything to wear? From a few of our local retail stores to the trendy catalog offerings, this season brings forth many wearable fashions. So drop that one as an excuse right this minute Just because you live in North Idaho doesn’t mean you need to wear an entire tent of flannel or camo. Pare it down and show the healthy lifestyle that you’ve been living all.

Oh, don’t tell me you are the one who let life live you instead of you living life? Forgot to eat healthy? Didn’t make the time to exercise? You went for seconds at the buffet? You made your New Year’s resolution that only lasted two weeks?

So? Who says you have to wait until Jan. 1 or a Monday to start (or continue) your fitness journey.

Start today and get moving. Write down your goals, get a workout buddy, hire a personal trainer or get involved in a fitness class.

There are numerous activities that you can even do in the comfort of your own home that will help you get a little closer to your health and fitness goals.

Take advantage of any stairs you might have in your house and climb them, over and over. Do several sets of lunges up and down your hallway. Jumping jacks in your living room are a great way to burn calories.

Work on your balance and stand on one leg while you are stirring dinner on the stove. As you are bending over to pick up laundry, why not do a squat or two. If you are a TV watcher, why not do several situps during a commercial break. Get your kids involved and challenge them to do more sit-ups than you can do.

It continues to amaze me the number of different excuses that people come up. If you really want to get healthier and acquire a leaner physique, there is always an opportunity to do so and it won’t cost you a dime.

That’s right. It doesn’t cost anything to be healthier and lose weight. Life will put up road blocks but, only if you are the type of person who will see them as road blocks. I would expect you to turn any roadblock into a hurdle and JUMP over it. That, my friend, is an exercise move.

And if you need a little help or motivation, there are many qualified trainers in our area who you can contact for your new lifestyle plan. Connect with someone who guarantees results! Big difference! It starts with you looking in the mirror and picking up the phone. Shorts, tank top, sandals, quality protein shake and my favorite shade of lip gloss … life is grand. Get out and enjoy your life!

Natalie Dreger is a certified fitness professional and can be reached at

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