German chancellor Scholz says response to Russia will be ‘united and decisive’ if Ukraine is invaded

We are starting a complete modernization of energy production and supply in Germany. In just 25 years, in 2045, we will be absolutely independent of the import of gas, oil and coal to Germany, because we just will rely on renewable resources. This is one of the key activities of the newly formed government, and this is why we increase the production of electricity, offshore wind farms, wind farms on shore and with solar. We will intensely increase the strength of our grid, and we will go into the production of hydrogen as a supply for industry, and for those aspects of energy supply where we need some sort of gas, this should then be hydrogen, and not natural gas. This is from a situation where you should know that it’s just 25 to 26 percent of our energy that is natural gas and just a part of it is coming from Russia. There are also parts coming from Norway or the Netherlands. … But just on the middle range, Germany will not import gas anymore, and this will be very soon.

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