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Gabriella Demetriades keeps setting the fitness bar higher for us. The fashion designer and model, who is a painter as well, loves her fitness routine and is often spotted practising her routine in offbeat places such as by the ocean. Gabriella swears by high intensity workouts, yoga and Pilates and also speaks of the benefits of working out.

Gabriella, a few days back, shared a short video of herself working out in beast mode by the ocean. The model supervised the making and construction of a gym setup right in the middle of a beach. Then, she showed us how she is taking up several routines right there.

Gabriella’s fitness videos with her son Arik for company are just super adorable. A day back, Gabriella shared a video of herself goofing around in the garden with Arik. With two cardio balls, Gabriella can be seen stretching her upper body and core muscles by lying down on top of it. Arik, on the other hand, can be seen imitating her mother and trying to do the same. In the later part of the video, when Gabriella can be seen stretching her one leg on top, baby Arik can be seen running to her mom and hugging her. Aww.

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Gabriella, in another separate snippet, shared a glimpse of her kickboxing routine. In the video, Gabriella can be seen practising her punches and her kicks on a boxing pillow. Dressed in a grey sports bra and a pair of grey gym shorts, Gabriella can be seen engrossed in perfecting her kickboxing routine. Take a look at the snippets of Gabriella’s workout diaries here:

Instagram story of Gabriella Demetriades.(Instagram/@gabriellademetriades)

Cardio ball workout helps in finding the neutral spine position. It also helps in increasing mobility, strength and balance of the body. Strengthening the abdominal and back muscles are also other benefits of working out with cardio ball. Kickboxing, on the other hand, helps in burning mega calories and improving the coordination of the muscles.

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